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Often with our affiliate companies, Cashman is involved in various areas of utility and energy-related design and construction, including renewables, wind energy farms, liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure / storage, and pipeline / energy infrastructure construction support. Cashman’s in-house capabilities and equipment portfolio provide Owners a single contractor capable of building—and even operating—a wide variety of large-scale infrastructure related to energy / renewables production and storage.

From commercial-scale renewable energy projects to oil and gas infrastructure projects throughout the Northeast and beyond, Cashman has diversified its abilities, added expertise and equipment, strengthened core competencies, and maintained its focus on safety and quality. Recent energy / renewables projects include an active development pipeline of wind projects in the Northeast along with management of three operating wind projects; proposed LNG gas storage construction and operation in Maine; marine construction support and tie-in for a gas pipeline crossing the Hudson River in New York City; and construction support for a new lateral gas pipeline and new metering / regulating station for a planned power station facility in Massachusetts.

Cashman’s vision for the future of energy and power sources led the firm to start Patriot Renewables — a wind farm development company with multiple operating projects throughout the Northeast. We also support affiliate firm Preload Cryogenics, a leading prestressed concrete tank design and construction firm for storage of LNG and other cryogenic liquids such as liquefied oxygen (LOX), liquefied propane gas (LPG), and other liquids.

ENERGY / RENEWABLES: Patriot Renewables, LLC

Through subsidiary Patriot Renewables, LLC, Cashman developed and currently owns and operates the 4.5-megawatt (MW) Beaver Ridge wind farm in Freedom, ME; the 20-MW Spruce Mountain Wind farm in Woodstock, ME; and the 34.5-MW Saddleback Ridge Wind operation in Carthage, ME. Patriot Renewables has one wind farm under construction at this time: the 23-MW Canton Mountain Wind farm in Canton, ME. Additionally, the firm is developing the 20-MW Timber Winds operation in Dixfield, ME. Collectively, these projects have the potential to generate more than 80 MW of clean electricity—enough energy to power more than 30,000 Maine homes. Of equal importance, Patriot’s wind projects also helped the state demonstrate its capability to execute on its renewable energy initiatives—an important step in achieving energy stability and independence for consumers.

Focused on providing the cleanest and most efficient energy solutions, our experienced team at affiliate Patriot Renewables continuously seeks to provide reliable power to communities throughout the Northeast. Energy generated by our wind farms is currently powering thousands of homes with no adverse effects on the environment.

Visit the Patriot Renewables website to learn more about completed projects and the services available:

ENERGY / POWER: Preload Cryogenics

Through its affiliation with Preload Cryogenics, Cashman has diversified its businesses to include physical energy storage and delivery capabilities. With a creative and innovative approach to natural gas energy / power infrastructure projects, Preload Cryogenics is poised to greatly enhance the economic models associated with development of LNG infrastructure (liquefaction, storage and/or vaporization) as a means to stabilize LNG and natural gas pricing for providers and consumers.

Preload’s precast, concrete cryogenic storage tanks have been operating reliably around the world for more than 50 years. These tanks perform as well as conventional tanks and offer a unique cost- and schedule-effective alternative. Precast concrete tanks provide single-, double- and full-containment storage (as well as membrane storage) for refrigerated and cryogenic liquids, such as LNG, liquid oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, ammonia, etc., for a wide range of storage volumes — 2,000 to 300,000 cubic meters.

Visit the Preload website to learn more about completed projects and the services available:
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ENERGY / RENEWABLES: Patriot Renewables

Cashman identified a critical opportunity for green energy growth in early 2003. Goals evolved as Jay Cashman founded Patriot Renewables in 2006 to focus its efforts on onshore projects to lead the charge towards sustainably produced electricity and solar development in the Northeast.

A decade later, Patriot Renewables completes all of the development and planning stages of all of the company’s wind projects, working with Cashman to complete with the help of strategic partners. The firm has had early successes in Maine and actively pursues additional opportunities in the Northeast.

ENERGY / POWER: Preload Cryogenics

Preload Cryogenics has been a pioneer in terms of its research, development, design and construction of prestressed, precast, sliding base concrete tanks over last 50 years. Prestressed, precast concrete tanks for LNG storage, designed and constructed by Preload dating back to the 1960s, have been in continuous service for more than half a decade, demonstrating the durability and longevity of such tanks.

ENERGY / RENEWABLES: Patriot Renewables

Cashman affiliate Patriot Renewables provides integrated site development, permitting, construction, and operations with the goal of providing economically and environmentally sustainable energy. The firm’s approach focuses on developing wind power solutions that provide minimal impact to the community. By working with the public, we strive to strengthen local economies and improve regional energy independence. Services include:

  • Integrated Site Development
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Construction
  • Operation / Management

ENERGY / POWER: Preload Cryogenics

Whether acting as the single source for all phases of the tank design and construction or partnering with other firms, Cashman affiliate Preload Cryogenics has successfully designed, constructed and stored LNG and other cryogenic liquids in single-, double-, and full-containment precast, prestressed concrete tanks (and membrane tanks). Services include:

  • In-depth knowledge and experience with all aspects of tank storage and operations, including bund wall construction
  • Wire-wound prestressed concrete tank design and construction
  • Storage of cryogenic liquids such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), LOX and LPG
  • Operation of tank / tank farms

ENERGY / RENEWABLES: Patriot Renewables

Patriot Renewables has had early successes in Maine and actively pursues additional opportunities in the Northeast. Our team is well-suited to work throughout the country, and we welcome interest from anyone requiring the kind of results that Patriot Renewables can deliver.

ENERGY / POWER: Preload Cryogenics

Cashman affiliate Preload Cryogenics’ prestressed concrete tanks are meeting the world’s liquid storage needs one tank at a time. The firm was originally founded more than 80 years ago and had designed and constructed more than 3,600 liquid-containing structures across the globe.

Preload Cryogenics and its partners have project experience in numerous countries around the world, including through Preload Middle East, giving the firm broad experience in worldwide procurement procedures, import / export regulations, foreign exchange / practice, and labor and market conditions. The firm welcomes interest from both private- and public-sector owners and operators who require the kind of design, construction and operation services that Preload can deliver.


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Saddleback Ridge Wind Project

Saddleback Ridge Wind is a 34.2 megawatt wind project in Carthage, Maine constructed by Cashman and its Patriot Renewables affiliate. Its twelve 2.85-megawatt GE turbines were fully commissioned in September 2015. These turbines use state-of-the-art technology that maximizes efficiency and produces more electricity with fewer towers.

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