Cashman's commitment to the environment is apparent at each work site. Cashman employees take their responsibility to the environment seriously, and Cashman implements all controls necessary to ensure regulatory and permit compliance on every project. Cashman's environmental responsibility is both regulatory and value-based. The controls implemented on Cashman's projects support its regulatory compliance. A significant portion of Cashman's business is marine-based, making water quality and erosion controls paramount. Further, large-scale construction equipment is a requirement on each of our projects, which regularly requires air emissions monitoring and/ or controls. Cashman's employees have significant experience examining and working with permits and permitting agencies such as the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the US EPA, and state-level environmental agencies. Through permit compliance Cashman avoids unnecessary adverse impacts on natural resources. Cashman crews have experience operating on some of the most strictly regulated sites in the United States and providing processes and controls to maintain compliance.

Cashman's environmental commitment is present at its headquarters as well, where many elements of an Environmental Management System are in place. Cashman reduces its carbon footprint using solar panels, implementing energy conservation policies, and offering a recycling program at its offices. Additionally, affiliate company Patriot Renewables is a leading provider of wind and alternative power solutions that provide minimal impact to the community. We work with the public to strengthen local economies and improve regional energy independence. Energy generated by our wind farms is currently powering thousands of homes with no adverse effects on the environment.