Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC LNG Storage Tank



Client: Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC Interior Gas Utility (IGU)
Value: Unknown
Project Date: Ongoing


Preload Cryogenics, LLC completed the design and is nearing completion of a 20,000-cubic-meter (5.25 million gallons) full containment LNG storage tank consisting of a precast, prestressed concrete secondary containment wall (35.2 meters in diameter by 27.1 meters tall), a 9% nickel primary containment wall (33.3 meters in diameter by 23.5 meters tall), 9% Ni primary and secondary floor plates and a ASTM A516 carbon steel dome with an aluminum suspended ceiling.


  • On-site work included excavation and replacement of approximately 30,000 CY of unsuitable subgrade to get to stable till, the installation of active (and passive) subgrade cooling systems to maintain the in-situ permafrost conditions and construction of an at-grade concrete base slab (with foundation heating elements). 
  • Precasting of the secondary wall panels was performed off-site concurrently with subgrade improvement operations and foundation construction work. The wall panels were transported to the site, erected and braced over a period of nine days. 
  • Fabrication of the carbon steel dome and suspended ceiling was accomplished simultaneously with outer wall construction and erected prior to winter conditions (in October) in order to “dry-in” the inner tank work.