Arthur Kill Channel Navigation Improvement Project, Contract 11 (S-NB-2/S-AK-1)

The Arthur Kill is a tidal strait and a kill between Staten Island and Union and Middlesex counties in northern New Jersey. A major navigational channel, it is ~10 miles long and connects Newark Bay with Raritan Bay. Along the New Jersey side, it is lined with industrial sites; the Staten Island side is lined with salt marshes. 

To prepare the Port of NY/NJ for post-Panamax vessels, a CASHMAN JV was contracted to deepen the existing 43’-47’ MLW channel to a depth of 52’ MLW (+1.5’ overdredge). Marine operations included various types of dredging, including environmental dredging of contaminated sediments and disposal within a CAD cell; controlling marine traffic; and coordination with local, state and federal authorities.


  • Drilled and blasted 2.1 million square feet of rock.
  • Dredged 2.9 million CY of silt, clay, sand and blasted rock.
  • Transported rock to Axel Carlson Reef construction site 45 nautical miles off the coast of New Jersey.
  • CASHMAN processed and transported suitable rock material to the Historic Area Remediation Site (HARS) 25 nautical miles away.
  • Silt material not suitable for the HARS was processed and transported to an approved, permitted upland disposal facility for beneficial reuse.
  • Additionally, the team processed and transported suitable silt material to the HARS as part of the Mud Dump Site (MDS) capping project.
  • Used articulated buoys (using a pivoting post as opposed to a chain to connect the buoy to the anchor) to mark the blast area more accurately by preventing buoy drift.
  • Equipped all vessels with an Automated Disposal Surveillance System (ADISS) and an Automatic Identification System (AIS) for tracking.
  • Maintained environmental windows and working distances from protected species.
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USACE New York District
$115 million
December 2010 - October 2011