Pig Island Gut in Beals is the narrow passage between Pig Island and Great Wass Island, about one mile southeast of Jonesport and 30 miles east of Bar Harbor. It provides a shorter, less exposed route to the southeastern fishing grounds in Eastern Bay for commercial fishing boats based at Jonesport, Beals Harbor, Alley Bay, and in the gut itself. Used primarily by lobster boats, Pig Island Gut is also used by boats engaged in the harvesting of herring, soft shell clams, sandworms, periwinkles, mussels, and sea moss.

CASHMAN was awarded a $3.4 million maintenance dredging contract in Jonesport, Maine, consisting of two definable areas: Beals Harbor Anchorage and Pig Island Gut, totaling 106,000 cubic yards. The last time this area had been dredged was in the 1950s; this maintenance dredging project restored both areas to their authorized dimensions.


  • Work consisted of mechanically dredging naturally shoaled clay, silt and sand, with unconfined disposal at the Mark Island Disposal Site, ~5 miles away in Chandler Bay.
  • Removal of ~30 tons of heavy boulders, large debris and derelict moorings was also conducted.
  • The bulk of the project was self-performed using the F.J. Belesimo dredge and the Eddie Carroll scow, with one tug tending the dredge and one towing tug.
  • Due to the hard work and diligence of all involved, the project was completed in advance of the permit window, for which CASHMAN received “Exceptional” ratings.
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USACE, New England District
$3.4 Million
Nov. 2016 – April 2017