Core Values

Innovation. Experience. Solutions. Results.
Innovation. Experience.
Solutions. Results.


It is our obligation, duty, and responsibility to protect, preserve and restore our environment for future generations. We recognize reducing and eliminating the environmental impacts of our activities is an important part of our mission. CASHMAN develops, owns, and operates four commercial scale wind energy facilities and is the leading wind energy developer in New England, with new developments underway. 

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Embedded in CASHMAN's DNA, innovation is the heart of our company. Encouraging employees to Think Impossible™ and to view things from a new perspective with better and stronger ideas, and to create concepts beyond the imagination allows for more efficiencies and cost-saving techniques to our Clients and Owners. 

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We demand the highest level of performance and products to ensure safe and reliable operations from all of our employees. Our projects go through a rigorous QA/QC procedure that accounts for project conditions, industry standards; and federal, state, and local regulating authorities; permit requirements; and any other standards that govern our worksites. 


As stewards of this planet, it is our obligation, duty, and responsibility to protect, preserve, and restore our environment for future generations. The need for clean alternative energy sources and the preservation and restoration of our planet was a call to action for Jay M. Cashman.

“This is about accepting responsibility and taking action. I am not a talker, I am a doer. This isn’t rhetoric or a company policy where we commit to recycling and conserving energy. This is about making a commitment to preserving, protecting, and restoring our environment. If we each do our part, actually taking action, instead of talking about it, think of the difference we can make in the world.” — Jay M. Cashman, owner of Patriot Renewables LLC, a CASHMAN Company

All CASHMAN employees are committed to protecting the environment by conducting our operations and activities in the most environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  We recognize that reducing and, where possible, eliminating the environmental impacts of our activities is an important part of our mission.


Our diverse group of individuals, ranging in different backgrounds and experience levels, bring unique perspectives to our offices and projects. The CASHMAN Family of Companies are comprised of unwavering industry experts with the passion and ability to solve the impossible. CASHMAN evolves our high performing individuals into a team dynamic, without any distinction, to not only deliver successful projects within schedule and on budget, but to also ensure the highest quality, delivered with originality and creativity. Committing to create and maintain an environment in which employees are proud to work for through our corporate principals, operational excellence, and diversified experience enables CASHMAN to complete any challenging and complex projects on any level.