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CASHMAN is committed to being the very best in everything we do and pledge to being the best in class in safety performance. Safety is a core value at CASHMAN and a guiding principle that we carry forward beyond the workplace into the communities where we live and work. We are committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment. We firmly believe that safety must be incorporated into every aspect of our work to ensure that everyone returns home safely every day.


Our goal is to strive for "ZERO" incidents. We believe all incidents and injuries to be preventable and that together we can be an Injury- and Incident-free organization. We are steadfast in our resolve to achieve ZERO and believe through the process of recognizing and correcting unsafe conditions, changing unsafe behaviors, and openly communicating, we can and will eliminate all injuries, all harm to the environment, and damage to our property.


In 2017, C SAFE, the CASHMAN Safety Management System, was developed and is the foundation for our collective commitment to safe and socially responsible project execution; maintaining an incident and injury-free work environment; and fostering a safety conscious culture that we carry forward beyond the workplace into everything that we do and the communities where we live and work.

The C SAFE program is comprised of 11 core elements used as the “road map” to hazard identification and elimination. Daily, we endeavor to identify and correct the hazards we face in our work through the use of C SAFE, and we keep safety in the forefront of our minds every day and with every work activity or task that we perform. Our efforts will only be successful if everyone participates in the C SAFE Program and makes the commitment to achieve ZERO. 


CASHMAN is unwavering in its regard to responsible environmental practices. Maintaining, and exceeding, responsible and safe environmental practices is a cornerstone of our management systems and culture. CASHMAN actively embraces environmental protection to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients, projects and the communities in which we live and work.


Workforce health is a key business area that is often overlooked. At CASHMAN, the benefits of worker health are well-recognized. Programs are in place to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and our contractors, ranging from mandatory requirements, such as pre-employment medical evaluations, to company or legislatively required worker health surveillance programs for those engaged in specific occupations and disciplines.


CASHMAN is one of the largest dredging and heavy civil contractors in the United States and was ranked 13th in Hazardous Waste Contracting by Engineering-News Record in 2013. CASHMAN has earned these rankings through completing a vast array of highly complex and demanding remedial, maintenance, and capital improvement projects safely.


Our business depends on our reputation and the quality of our work. In today’s competitive environment, quality is highly scrutinized and our clients demand the highest level of performance and products to ensure safe and reliable operations. We are committed to creating an environment of consistent performance that meets or exceeds these expectations – from the proposal stage to project execution and completion.

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