Innovation. Experience. Solutions. Results.
Innovation. Experience.
Solutions. Results.

CASHMAN is one of the preeminent contractors and developers in Heavy Civil/Marine Construction, Dredging, Renewable Energy, LNG/Concrete Tank Design, Project Development, Barge/Equipment Leasing, and Mechanical Construction industries.

Our Company is comprised of industry experts with the passion and ability to solve impossible challenges. We are pioneers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. We are mentors, friends, and family. We are empowered to Think ImpossibleTM, share ideas, and succeed beyond expectations. The CASHMAN culture thrives on innovation, which we believe is the key to our continued success in creating the next generation of modern infrastructure, revitalizing our ports and waterways, restoring, and preserving our environment, and providing alternative sources of clean energy.

To learn more about the History of CASHMAN, visit our History page.

Our Leadership


I strongly believe that innovation has been the key to our success and that our ability to grow and take on new ventures is the result of innovative thinking, collectively.


Jay M. Cashman
Founder & Chairman of the Board


At CASHMAN, we continually strive to be the very best in all we do. Quality, safety, and professionalism form the foundation of our business.


Dale Pyatt
President & Chief Executive Officer

Our Community Outreach

Jay M. Cashman is extremely passionate about his support of local communities and charities. He and his wife, actress/director/writer, Christy Scott Cashman, support a number of charities, community organizations, and events. Mr. Cashman gets the greatest personal satisfaction from supporting organizations which include DOVE, Inc. (Domestic Violence Ended), the Quincy Public Schools, The Progeria Research Foundation, The ALS Association, and Thayer Academy. From education to healthcare and homelessness, Jay M. Cashman strives to improve the community around him by helping charitable organizations stay funded. He’s proud to have played a significant role in the cleanup of Boston Harbor - from constructing all the marine facilities and earth removal associated with the Deer Island sewerage treatment plant to being the prime contractor on the Central Artery Spectacle Island Project, which transformed the site from a landfill leaching toxins into Boston Harbor into the beautiful park it is today. Another significant contribution to the Harbor Islands was his donation of company manpower and equipment towards the complete cleanup and restoration of Thompson Island after 50 years of neglect and debris accumulation. Mr. Cashman has also made environmental contributions by planting over 30,000 trees in the City of Quincy. Additionally, Mr. Cashman has recently founded two nonprofit organizations; The Cashman Family Foundation and the Cashman Resilience Charitable Trust. The Cashman Family Foundation focuses on partnering with resource-constrained communities to build infrastructure that spurs economic growth, and strives to connect agriculture to markets, people to education, and investment to rural communities through roads and bridges in Haiti. The Cashman Resilience Charitable Trust strives to assist physically challenged individuals to be more independent and live more fulfilling lives by acquiring new equipment and technology.

CASHMAN has donated over $15 million in the last 20 years.

Below are some of the charities, community organizations, and events CASHMAN supports: