LNG Storage Tank Industry

We revolutionized the LNG storage tank industry.

The idea was simple: create a storage tank structure that would stand the test of time and provide service for decades, even withstanding extremewind, weather and seismic conditions. One that would not require coatings and be virtually maintenance-free. One that could be used for many applications across many different industries, such as cryogenics and thermal energy. One that would be economically priced when compared to other types of storage tank structures. Shotcrete and concrete would be used to construct the tank to ensure long-term durability and eliminate costly maintenance. The tank wall would be prestressed using a solid wire manufactured from high-strength steel to ensure that the tanks are placed in permanent compression to eliminate cracking and long-term durability problems. The prestressing wire is applied using specially designed machines that allow for precise, economical, and safe tensioning to produce a reliable tank structure.

Circular, single-wire prestressing is the time-proven method Preload invented for constructing wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks. The prestressing wire is applied around the tank in a continuous helix, using specially designed machines. These machines allow us to maintain a consistent force in the wire while also maintaining a minimum clear distance between individual prestressing wires to ensure that every wire is fully encapsulated in shotcrete.

Preload Cryogenics, a CASHMAN Company, develops prestressed concrete tanks that provide the durability, flexibility, and safety to store today's refrigerated and cryogenic liquids, such as LNG, liquid oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, ammonia, and others, for a wide range of storage volumes.

Preload Middle East, a CASHMAN Company, provides unique large-scale water storage tanks solutions in the Middle East and around the world. Various industries and governments, municipalities and the military find the above-ground or buried tanks a perfect solution for clean water storage. In line with Preload's tradition of designing and building reliable and maintenance‐free prestressed concrete tanks, thermal energy storage (TES) tanks can serve as a vital component in highly efficient cooling systems. Preload's insulated storage tanks provide universities, hospitals, and government facilities the capability to realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on energy costs and increase sustainability and overall efficiency. 

Today, the design and construction methods invented by Preload are used to construct some of the largest tank structures in the world for water, wastewater, cryogenic liquids and many industrial applications.