Beaver Ridge Wind’s three General Electric 1.5-MW wind turbines produce ~12 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of mission-free electricity each year. That is enough to power about 2,000 homes (based on 500 kWh per home per month) and reduces the amount of CO2 emissions by the equivalent of almost 630 thousand gallons of gasoline. Beaver Ridge Wind was only the second wind farm in Maine when it started operating in November of 2008. It was the very first wind farm behind Central Maine Power, the transmission and distribution utility for southern and western Maine. Beaver Ridge Wind is owned and operated as a partnership between Patriot Renewables, LLC and MIRSAP1, LLC. It was built by Eco Industries, LLC, a CASHMAN affiliate.


  • Beaver Ridge Wind was the second operational wind farm built in Maine. 
  • Completed permitting and construction of a 4.5-megawatt, 3-turbine wind project that produces ~12,500,000 kWh of emission-free electricity each year. 
  • Each wind turbine generator is mounted on a 262-foot steel tower that is 15 feet wide at the base, narrowing to 7 feet wide at the top. 
  • For its first five years of operation, Beaver Ridge Wind operated with a capacity factor of over 31%. This means that the wind plant produced, on average, 31% of its nameplate capacity, even though the wind does not blow all the time. This number takes into account energy used by the turbines when the wind is not blowing (parasitic draw). 
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Patriot Renewables, LLC and MIRSAP1, LLC
$9.7 million
May 2008 - October 2008