Carteret Waterfront Marina Phase 1

The Carteret borough waterfront once housed the largest mahogany plant in the world. Ichabad T. Williams & Sons opened in 1838 in New York City and eventually relocated to the borough. They acquired 70 acres of land on the waterfront, from Bethlehem Steel Corp., which gave them 1,300 feet of frontage with the Arthur Kill channel and allowed them to create a cove for the wood being unloaded from vessels from around the world.

The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Carteret contracted CASHMAN DREDGING to conduct the Phase 1 construction of a protected marina basin along the Arthur Kill waterway at Waterfront Park. CASHMAN dredged the Carteret cove for the dual purposes of remediating heavy-metal contaminated sediments while ensuring there is enough clearance for the draft of boats entering the proposed marina. The cove was dredged down to clean sand (17-foot depth) to completely and permanently remediate the site. CASHMAN removed more than 118,000 cubic yards of metal-contaminated sediment from the remnants of borough's industrial past.


  • CASHMAN conducted initial deepening/dredging of ~118,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils from the existing basin.
  • Mechanical dredging was performed in several stages to accommodate the bulkhead wall construction activities.
  • Dredged material was amended with Portland cement at an offsite location and transported to an approved disposal site.
  • Subaqueous debris removal / disposal was required. The new marina is located on the site of a former mahogany processing facility; there was a significant amount of timber found in the dredge prism as a result.
  • CASHMAN provided construction of ~1,513 linear feet of steel king pile bulkhead, as well as a decorative cap plate on the entire bulkhead wall.
  • Activities included construction of three elevated fixed wooden piers / walkways, and final site restoration.
  • This was Phase 1 of a multiphase effort that will culminate in the creation of a 200-boat slip marina, a police boat launch, and associated landside support facilities for both.
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Mayor and Borough Council / Borough of Carteret, NJ
$18.5 Million
May 2016 – Feb. 2017