Cashman Marine Terminal Development

CASHMAN developed the Cashman Marine Terminal, which was a Brownfield project that transformed the former Borne Chemical Site into a full-service, permanent processing facility in the heart of the industrial center of New Jersey. The facility was the first of its kind in the area and offered easy access to various ports, waterways, and Superfund Sites throughout the Northeast. 

Originally an experimental facility in Brooklyn, the original plant was capable of producing 450 barrels of manufactured oil per month. Following a fire in 1883, the plant was moved to a more industrial location along the Arthur Kill waterway in Elizabeth, New Jersey. 


  • Excavated and processed 20,000 cubic yards of “hot spot” PCB-, VOC and heavy metal-contaminated soils for off-site transportation. 
  • Dredged 6,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediments that required stabilization/solidification prior to off-site transportation and disposal. 
  • Built reinforced heavy-lift concrete relieving platform requiring more than 2,500 cubic yards of concrete formed and placed. 
  • Construction of a 400-linear-foot bulkhead with a heavy-lift concrete-relieving platform. 
  • Off-site transportation and disposal of contaminated materials, dewatering and on-site treatment/discharge of water/groundwater. 
  • Demolition, crushing and processing of concrete and brick from existing buildings, underground structures including foundations utility tunnels. 
  • Implemented environmental controls including silt fencing and detention basins. 
  • Deep excavations for remediation requiring sheet pile for excavation support. 
  • Installed new utilities requiring precast concrete pipe and manholes. 
  • Performed site grading, placement and compaction of sub-grade, and installed five acres of asphalt high-wear working surface. 

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Jay Cashman, Inc.
$12 million
Jan. 2011 - Dec. 2014