Charleston Naval Shipyard was a U.S. Navy ship building and repair facility located along the west bank of the Cooper River, in North Charleston, South Carolina and part of Naval Base Charleston. It began operations in 1901 as a drydock, and continued as a navy facility until 1996. At that time it was leased to Detyens Shipyards, Inc. In 2013, Palmetto Railways purchased the approximate 100 acres of the Navy Yard with a plan to run freight trains through the north end of the former base to serve a new container port, Navy Base Intermodal Container Transfer Facility.

This project was part of the overall plan to construct a new port facility on the south end of the former Charleston Naval Base in North Charleston. CASHMAN completed the second phase of construction as a portion of the overall modernization plan to increase the Port of Charleston capacity by 50 percent. 


  • Excavated and transported ~2 million cubic yards of course sand from the dredge disposal cells at Daniel Island Confined Disposal facility ~2 miles from the jobsite across the Cooper River. 
  • Placed ~540,000 cubic yards of sand in the tidal area behind the existing 5,000-foot containment structure, forming an 80-foot-wide dike. 
  • Placed 1.3 million cubic yards of sand in the future container storage area as surcharge material. 
  • Furnished, delivered via barge, and placed 106,000 tons of underlayer stone and 100,000 tons of granite armor stone for stone dike construction. 
  • Installed ~5.5 million linear feet of wick drains in the upland area. 
  • A custom conveyor system arrived on site near the start of the project, which was assembled on barges to load sand materials from Daniel Island. 

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South Carolina State Ports Authority (SCSPA)
$42.7 million
Mar. 2012 - Apr. 2016