Morses Pond Dredging

Man-made Morses Pond covers about 105 acres, providing a community swimming hole and contributing to the town of Wellesley’s water supply. Sediment had been building up in the pond since the 1970s, when the pond was last dredged. The dredging helped clear the water and restored the pond’s health.  This project involved hydraulic dredging, pumping and disposal of sediments at the Northern Basin of Morses Pond. The project was the third and final substantial component of restoration laid out in a 2005 plan. The first step involved harvesting invasive plants that had crept into the pond; the second step cut algae growth and helped improve water clarity by installing a system to prevent phosphorus from entering the pond.


  • CASHMAN initially conducted hydraulic dredging to remove sediment material, which was then pumped and drained at the Town Beach, where clean material was used to settle in large Geotubes® through mid-April 2013, and then hauled off-site, and clean water was pumped back into the pond.
  • The dredging of the Northern Basin restored the pond's detention capacity, allowing particulate matter to settle in the basin before reaching the main part of the pond.
  • The removal of soft sediment and plant material that had accumulated over many decades helped improve the overall health and clarity of the pond and will prevent it from becoming a wetland.
  • CASHMAN set up a 240 foot x 280 foot dewatering area in a nearby parking lot, where the dredged material was put into the GeoTubes® to drain excess water and consolidate the material. 
  • Dredged 6,030 cubic yards of material to Geotubes® for dewatering.
  • Dredged 6,665 cubic yards of sand that was used for beach renourishment.
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Town of Wellesley
$1.5 million
August 2012 - December 2012