Tampa Harbor Maintenance Dredging

Dredging began in Fall of 2015 along the length of the Tampa Bay Federal Navigation Channel encompassing the entire Tampa Bay from Mullet Key Channel Lighted Buoy 26 west of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, extending the entire length of the Tampa Bay Channel. CASHMAN removed shoaled material from the Federal Channel and consisted of maintenance dredging of Tampa Bay Channel; within the Port Tampa turning basin; and Gadsden Point Cut of Hillsborough Bay. CASHMAN'S split-hull trailing suction hopper dredge Atchafalaya was responsible for removing the shoaled material from the federal channel 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, supported by various other vessels. CASHMAN received an overall rating of "Exceptional" based on excellent performance and the highest ratings assigned to two rating elements considered to be of very high importance: Quality and Management. CASHMAN was commended for their exceptional efforts and dedication to meet the USACE's requirements of completing the project on time, on budget, and providing a high-quality project result with no accidents or environmental incidents.


  • CASHMAN'S split-hull trailing suction hopper dredge Atchafalaya was responsible for removing shoaled material from the channel 24/7, supported by various other vessels. 
  • Removed material was transported to a booster barge in Hillsborough Bay. The booster barge was secured with spuds outside of the navigable channel along the south side of Disposal Island 3. Dredged material was dewatered and then placed in DMMA Site 3-D. 
  • Approximately 1,500 linear feet of floating and submerged pipeline was placed in line with the booster barge to the shoreline. The pipeline was marked with lighted buoys, for local traffic. 
  • A total of 361,749 cubic yards of material was removed. 
  • Work included turbidity monitoring, sea turtle trawl sweeping and relocation (hoppers), endangered species observers, and operation and maintenance of DMMA Site 3-D at the direction of the Contracting Officer. 
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USACE Jacksonville District
$7.7 million
November 2015 - May 2016