USS Salem Berth Construction

The USS Salem has become part of the landscape at the Quincy Shipyard. In an effort to restore and repair the northern pier of the Quincy Shipyard for future use, CASHMAN undertook a project to relocate the vessel from the northern section of the Shipyard to the southern section.

Nicknamed the “Sea Witch,” the Salem was built at the Quincy shipyard in the 1940s, and in 1949 she was commissioned to become the flagship for the Navy fleet in the Mediterranean during the first decade of the Cold War. After being donated by the US Navy to the city of Quincy in 1992, the ship was moved from Philadelphia to Quincy. In 1995, the Salem was restored and re-commissioned as a member of the Historic Naval Ships’ Association and is now the centerpiece of the US Naval Shipbuilding Museum at Quincy Shipyard.

Plans were approved by the Quincy Conservation Commission and the MassDEP to install pilings for docking the USS Salem at the new wharf. Due to the poor condition of the original pier, the Commission gave the plans emergency approval in April 2016.


  • Critical utility work was an important component of the project in addition to the ongoing water-based work. Before the relocation of the Salem could take place, the utility services had to be completed in order to provide electricity, water, sewer, and fire alarm services to the historic vessel.
  • The pier was ready for the Salem to relocate to its new home by summer’s end 2017. The ship reopened for visitors at its new location and will remain docked at the pier at least until June 2021.
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Cashman / US Naval Shipbuilding Museum
Spring - Summer 2017