Washington Bridge Reconstruction, I-195

The Washington Bridge is a series of three bridges carrying Interstate 195, US Route 6, US Route 44, and U.S. Route 1A over the Seekonk River connecting India Point in Providence to Watchemoket Square in East Providence, Rhode Island. The historic portion of the bridge dating to 1930 serves as the pedestrian crossing, and bike link to the East Bay Bike Path. 

CASHMAN was part of the team that reconstructed Interstate 195 eastbound in Providence including work on the Washington Bridge. Under CASHMAN'S contract, an existing 14-span concrete arch bridge built in 1928 was demolished to make way for a new structure. The team then constructed a 14-span steel-plate girder bridge partially founded on the old structure foundations. 


  • Demolition and disposal tasks included removal of 17,000 cubic yards of concrete and 662,000 lbs of steel. 
  • Drove 269–HP 14’ x 89’ H-piles an average of 94 feet in length. 
  • Installed 9,200 square feet of sheet piling and poured 12,000 cubic yards of concrete. 
  • Over 4.9 million pounds of structural steel (223 girders) were placed and 2.7 million pounds of reinforcing steel installed. 
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RI Dept. of Transportation (RIDOT)
$51 million
February 2005 - May 2009