Wharf District Parks - Kennedy Greenway

The Wharf District Parks connect Faneuil Hall and the Financial District with Boston Harbor and contain paved surfaces areas for active public use and a gathering space for public events. The Parks reflect Boston’s maritime history and include the majestic Rings Fountain, colorful light displays, and interactive sculptures. 

In 1991, after almost a decade of planning, construction began on Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project, which removed an elevated highway and created a tunnel system below the city. Community and political leaders seized the opportunity to enhance the city by creating the Greenway, a linear series of parks and gardens that would re-connect some of Boston’s neighborhoods. Four Wharf District Park parcels, positioned in the median strip of Atlantic Avenue, were designed and constructed as part of the Greenway. CASHMAN’s work included park and roadway construction, fountain construction, landscape, and roadside development. 


  • CASHMAN installed 50,000 SF of precast pavers, 60,000 SF of granite pavers, 40,000 SF of sod, and thousands of plantings. 
  • The construction included site furnishings, twelve 35-ft architectural light blades, and a WET design iteractive water feature known as the Rings Fountain at Milk Street. 
  • The WET design interactive water feature involved installation of an elaborate maze of underground utilities, basins and vaults that allow the inner workings of this water feature to go virtually unnoticed at grade. 
  • Given the extremely busy area, all daily construction / installation operations required significant traffic control planning and execution. 
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Mass. Turnpike Authority (now MassDOT)
$16 million
July 2005 - Aug. 2008