CASHMAN DREDGING & MARINE CONTRACTING COMPANY, LLC has undertaken some of the largest environmental dredging projects in U.S. history, continuously improving the waterways and ports that economies rely on. Providing solutions through environmental and navigational dredging, beach renourishment, industrial and pond dredging, to marine drilling and blasting, CASHMAN's experience is second to none.

CASHMAN  owns and operates an expansive fleet of specialized equipment including hopper, hydraulic, backhoe and clamshell dredges along with drilling and blasting equipment, all with the latest positioning and monitoring systems. CASHMAN's vast fleet of equipment — combined with depth of experience—allows CASHMAN DREDGING to act as a single-source provider when revitalizing your waterways and ports.

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– Navigation Dredging 
– Environmental / Remedial Dredging 
– Environmental Compliance
– Beach Renourishment 
– Pond & Industrial Dredging 
– Drilling & Blasting 
– Material Transporting & Disposal 
– Backfill & Capping 
– Habitat Restoration 
– Marine Construction 

- Clamshell Dredge: Dale Pyatt
- Clamshell Dredge: ICARUS
- Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge: Atchafalaya
- Excavator Dredge: Captain A.J. Fournier
- Hydraulic Offloader / Booster Barge: Kraken
- Backhoe Dredge: Jay Cashman
- Clamshell Dredge: Wood I
- Drill Boat: M.J. Verrochi

Navigational Dredging:

Whether it's maintaining a ship berth or deepening a harbor to accommodate Post Panamax ships, CASHMAN has the equipment and experience to execute seamlessly. Our expansive fleet of backhoe dredges, dump scows, and drilling and blasting equipment separates us from the field in this demanding work. While the right equipment is a necessity, so is experience. Our management is proud to have completed some of the largest harbor deepening and navigation projects in our nation's history. 

Environmental Dredging:

CASHMAN'S experience in environmental dredging is unparalleled. We're proud to have completed the largest environmental dredging project in U.S. history. Our clients have consistently chosen our experienced teams for their attention to detail, ability to develop customized solutions, and proven execution skills.

Environmental dredging requires the highest level of precision to ensure that all stakeholder needs are met. Our management team thrives in this type of work and looks forward to bringing their expertise to many more projects.

Beach Renourishment:

CASHMAN DREDGING is capable of performing a wide range of shore reclamation and beach renourishment projects. Through the use of our Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge Atchafalaya and wide array of marine support equipment, CASHMAN can develop the right solution for virtually any project.

In addition, CASHMAN'S management team has many years of experience in dealing with the unique environmental and safety concerns associated with Beach Renourishment projects.

Drilling & Blasting:

CASHMAN has successfully completed numerous marine drilling and blasting projects over the years, working in shipping channels and active waterways without disruption.

In order to exceed expectations, CASHMAN designed and built a state-of-the-art drill boat, the Kraken, utilizing three specialized drilling rigs that allow for single-pass drilling of each hole. All blasting and dredging operations are strategically implemented without interruption to busiest harbors and ports. The Kraken is known as one of the most efficient machines in the country, setting records on projects including the deepening of the Arthur Kill channel and the dredging of Portland Harbor.